Yang Yuan [中文]

  • Assistant Professor, IIIS, Tsinghua University

I work on machine learning theory and algorithm design.

Previously, I did my PhD at Computer Science Department, Cornell University. I was very fortunate to have Professor Robert Kleinberg as my advisor. After my PhD, I spent one year as a postdoctoral associate at MIT Institute for Foundations of Data Science (MIFODS), advised by Professor Piotr Indyk and Professor Aleksander Mądry. I did my undergraduate at Peking University, and I was born in Chang Zhou.

My CV and publications.

PhD Students

Haowei He (2019-)

Jiaye Teng (2020-)

Jingqin Yang (2021-)

Yifan Zhang (2021-)

Zhenru Lin (2022-)


    Machine Learning

      –Fall 2019

      –Fall 2020

      –Fall 2021

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

      –Fall 2019

      –Fall 2020


      –Fall 2021


    Beijing Zhiyuan Young Scientists (2020)

    Forbes China 30 Under 30 (Science, 2019)