Decision Intelligence Lab (DI Lab - 决策智能实验室) @IIIS-Tsinghua

AI for Decisions 为了更好地决策

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Welcome to the Decision Intelligence Lab (DI Lab - 决策智能实验室) @ IIIS-Tsinghua! The DI lab is dedicated to advancing the general field of decision intelligence, the intersection of decision making and artificial intelligence, by developing theory foundation and algorithmic solutions to decision making problems in general dynamical systems.

Our mission is to conduct impactful interdisciplinary research in artificial intelligence and decision making, including algorithm design and analysis, optimization, and implementation, using state-of-the-art mathematical techniques and system technology. Our ultimate goal is to develop ultra-efficient, robust, risk-aware and explainable AI decision making algorithms and tools.

The current research topics include (see Research for recent highlights):

  • Low-carbon decision intelligence 低碳决策智能

  • Efficient deep reinforcement learning 高效深度强化学习

  • Robust and risk-aware online decision making 鲁棒与具有风险意识的在线决策

  • Reinforcement learning theory 强化学习理论

  • Learning-augmented network optimization 基于学习的网络优化

Students & Postdoc (招生与博士后): I am constantly looking for highly motivated students (undergrad and graduate) and postdocs who are interested in the area of AI for Decisions (决策智能), including deep reinforcement learning, reinforcement learning theory, online learning, learning-augmented network optimization. Please email me if you are interested.

Recent News

  • [2022.07] Paper “Effective Multi-User Delay-Constrained Scheduling with Deep Recurrent Reinforcement Learning” accepted to MobiHoc 2022!

  • [2022.05] Congratulations to Ms. Ling Pan for defending her Ph.D. thesis! She will be joining MILA as a postdoc of Prof. Yoshua Bengio (Turing Award Laureate) this Fall!

  • [2022.05] Four papers accepted to ICML 2022!

  • [2022.05] Dr. Huang is named an ACM Distinguished Speaker!

  • [2021.12] Dr. Huang is named an IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer!

  • [2021.09] Six papers accepted to NeurIPS 2021, including one oral presentation (top 1%)!

  • [2021.08] Dr. Huang will serve as a TPC Co-Chair for ITC 2022!

  • [2020.12] Dr. Huang's graduate course <Stochastic Network Optimization Theory> is selected as a featured graduate course (精品课程) by Tsinghua University!

  • [2020.11] Congratulations to Ms. Ling Pan for receiving the prestigious ‘‘Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award’’ (only 12 recipients in Asia in 2020)!

  • [2020.09] Two papers from the group (SD3 and Restless-UCB) got accepted to NeurIPS 2020. Congratulations to Ling and Siwei!

  • [2020.06] Paper “Combinatorial Pure Exploration for Dueling Bandit” accepted to ICML 2020! Congratulations to Yihan!

  • [2020.03] Prof. Huang will serve as a TPC Co-Chair for NetEcon 2020!

  • [2019.09] Prof. Huang will serve as the Vice General Chair for ACM Sigmetrics 2021!

  • [2019.09] Prof. Huang will serve as a TPC member for ACM MobiHoc 2020

  • [2019.09] Prof. Huang will serve as a TPC member for ACM e-Energy 2020


Longbo Huang
FIT Building, Room 1-208
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China, 100084
Email: longbohuang AT