Lab Members


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Dr. Longbo Huang

  • Associate Professor (tenured)

  • Tsinghua University Distinguished Teaching Award (良师益友)

  • ACM SIGMETRICS Rising Star Research Award

  • IEEE Senior Member

  • Associate editor, ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (ToMPECS)

  • Editor, IEEE Transactions on Communications (TCOM)

Ph.D. students

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  • Kun Chen (2014-present, B.S. EE@Tsinghua)

  • Visiting student at CSE@CUHK, Feb 2016 - Dec 2016

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  • Tianyi Hao (2014-present, B.S. Yao Class@Tsinghua)

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  • Yue Yu (2014-present, B.S. NE@DUT)

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  • Siwei Wang (2015-present, B.S. Yao Class@Tsinghua)

  • Winner of the ‘‘Future Scholar’’ Scholarship 2015-2020 (the only winner at IIIS in 2015)

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  • Yuanying Cai (2016-present, B.S. CS@UESTC)

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  • Jiatai Huang (2018-present, B.S. Yao Class@Tsinghua)

M.S. students

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  • Yuxing Li (2017-present, B.S. CS@SDU)

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  • Yihan Du (2018-present, B.S. CS@XMU)

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  • Sue Sin Chong (2018-present, B.S. EECS@UC Berkeley)

Visiting Students

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  • Dongcheng Jiang (undergrad@Cambridge)


Graduate Students

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  • Zhixuan Fang, Ph.D. 2018, Co-advised with Prof. Andrew Yao

  • Visiting student at EECS@UC Berkeley, Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

  • First job: Postdoc@CUHK

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  • Lingqing Ai, M.S. 2015

  • Winner of the ‘‘2014 IIIS Academic Rising Star Award’’ (the only winner of the year)

  • First job: Dynamic Technology Lab (Hedge Fund), Singapore

Undergrad Students

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  • Yunbei Xu (B.S. Math@PKU, class of 2018)

  • PhD student at Columbia Business School @ Columbia

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  • Bai Liu (Automation@Tsinghua, class of 2017)

  • Selected into the Stanford Undergraduate Visiting Researcher Program (UGVR) in 2016 (only 18 students were chosen in China in 2016)

  • PhD student at LIDS @ MIT

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  • Xiao Zhu, Undergrad (EE@Tsinghua), class of 2016

  • PhD student in EECS @ UMichgan

  1. Yu Yan (Undergrad, Yao Class@Tsinghua), PhD student in CS @ Stanford

  2. Jianwei Li (Undergrad, Yao Class@Tsinghua), MS student in CS @ Duke

  3. Yaoqing Yang (Undergrad, EE@Tsinghua), PhD student in ECE @ CMU

  4. Shaoquan Zhang, (Visiting Ph.D. student, IE@The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 1st: Researcher at Huawei Future Network Lab in Hong Kong, now @ Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)

Recent Visitors

  1. Yuan Zhong, Assistant Professor, Columbia University

  2. Alonso Silva, Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs France

  3. Zhenhua Liu, Ph.D. student, CMS, California Institute of Technology

  4. Shengbo Chen, Ph.D. student, ECE, Ohio State University