Research Goal

I work on AI assisted medical diagnosis system.

We start from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), gradually add elements from modern medicine, and will finally build a new healthcare system that is purely data driven.

Theoretical Foundation

Category theory is the theoretical foundation of our system.

The symptoms and medicines in TCM, are exactly two categories. The treatment of a disease is a functor from the symptom category to the medicine category.

Therefore, our project is named Functor, or in Chinese, 同象.

Method and Infrastructure

With the support of type-safe data, we use pre-trained large models for diagnosis.

We have spent three years (2019-2022) building a giant AI medical infrastructure to support our system.

Our lightweight Scala microservice framework,FlagBoot, has been open-sourced under the FlagOpen system at the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence.

Try the online demo of our system. Currently, it does not support mobile devices.